Focus on Quality Assurance Is the Key to Hospitality Success

hospitality industryThe practice of quality assurance in the hospitality industry arose from the birth of franchising nearly a century ago, when fast-food restaurants began branding their products across a region or even the entire country. Hotels subsequently followed suit, and a need for quality assurance arose.

At one time, inspectors conducted quality assurance inspections at hotels approximately every six months. They evaluated areas such as room service, exterior signage, and bathroom amenities. Today, due to the rapid growth of online reviews and marketing, consumers are becoming more savvy about making decisions based on quality and experience. Despite the shift to social media, the core component of quality assurance has not changed: the customer is always right.

In many ways, while the complexity of the current environment may seem overwhelming, it has never been easier to understand customers’ wants or needs, especially since many of them are more than happy to report their experiences online. Managing these experiences has become key, and a dedicated focus on quality assurance is crucial to maintaining a consistent experience across an entire brand or franchise.

By synthesizing the information found online with other metrics, such as internal performance reviews and quality standards, quality assurance experts have the ability to ensure that hospitality industry professionals meet their customers’ needs at a far more granular level than ever before.


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