Hospitality Industry Job Market Continues Its Fast-Paced Growth

Hospitality Industry Job Market pic The hospitality industry has long been an excellent driver of opportunity for job seekers and career-minded professionals. Indeed, in the United States, the hospitality job market grew 17 percent between 2004 and 2014, a startling rate of growth given an otherwise stagnant economy, which only grew 14 percent over the same period. The reason behind the continued worldwide boom in hospitality jobs can be attributed to the excellent prospects for professional development, flexibility, and diversity.

Hospitality is a business that requires an extremely wide range of support staff members, ranging from housekeeping personnel to management professionals. The variety of career paths means that getting started with an entry-level position is often far easier than in other industries. Furthermore, with a $3.5 trillion international market, the chances for advancement are often abundant, especially for those who are interested in moving from one location to another. Due to the continued consolidation of hotel chains, many companies are in a position to offer excellent benefits, and the nature of hospitality work means that new faces and experiences are available on a daily basis.