Hospitality Leader Shares Disciplines for Successful Leadership

President Robert Rauch pic In a recent column for Hospitality Net, RAR Hospitality President Robert Rauch outlined a new set of disciplines he believes are key to successful leadership in the hospitality industry. Most importantly, he states, service leaders must articulate goals and project an optimistic mindset. When a leader clearly explains goals to employees and offers incentives for reaching them, success will follow, Rauch wrote.

With a “Just Do It” attitude, leaders will take action when it is needed. That can result in practical steps such as looking for new business when reservations are slow or inspiring up-and-coming leaders through actively caring for them and building them up. This attitude can trickle down to the details of all hospitality jobs, whether a waiter knows how to respond properly to a diner’s food complaint or sales managers promptly return calls.

Rauch also suggests that managers look for employees who have a passion for the job, not those who are entering the hospitality industry because they think it will be fun. Employees who will work hard, learn from their mistakes, and offer creative ideas and solutions can grow into future leaders who will continue a heritage of excellence at a property.


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