A New Face of Hospitality in the Digital Age

Hospitality in the Digital Age pic In the last few years, customer expectations have dramatically changed the experience at luxury hotels. As customers demand a more streamlined, personalized experience, hotels struggle to deliver services that anticipate guests’ needs. Historically, hotels provided reactive service, meaning that they responded to requests from customers. Today, however, hotels are increasingly looking to deliver a real-time, personalized experience based on predictive analytics. The changing face of hospitality is not the same for each customer. Instead, it changes based on his or her needs and expectations.

Hospitality professionals have already seen a great deal of change in the ways in which guests check in and out of their rooms. Mobile technology has made tedious lines obsolete. Now, guests can check in while still in the taxi from the airport or by using a tablet as they are escorted to the room. Similarly, hotel employees can check out guests while escorting them to a taxi and simultaneously access real-time flight and traffic information to make the experience as streamlined as possible.

Technology allows hospitality professionals to collect an unprecedented amount of information about guests and their preferences. Smart phone apps, social media profiles, and even lobby sensors all deliver important insights about guest expectations and behaviors. This information has necessitated changes at the fundamental, strategic level. More so than ever before, the guest must be at the heart of company strategy.


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