The Growing Influence of Millennials on the Hospitality Sector

Millennials pic Millennials are now the fastest growing customer base for hospitality providers. By 2025, this generation could represent half of all travelers worldwide. This estimate is important for hospitality professionals because millennials expect more from their accommodations than other generations. Raised in a tech-savvy world, they look for service backed by innovative, reliable technology, as well as empathy and customer connection.

For many millennials, technology is an essential part of life. Social media networks like Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Twitter serve as major hubs for conducting research and sharing data. Hospitality professionals need to understand and engage with this generation’s technology expectations, which encompass everything from payment to dining.

The millennial generation has concerns that are very distinct from older generations. Hotels can engage millennials by recognizing and catering to these distinct sub-sets, such as the “foodies,” who want an authentic, gourmet dining experience at a reasonable price. Other important subsets include the LGBT community and cultural buffs.

Many millennials prefer a unique, inspired experience when it comes to hospitality. Last year, more than half of millennial travelers stayed at independent hotels.


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